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Philippe Starck and Riko present a unique line of “Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes” – P.A.T.H. Combining Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design and Riko’s high expertise with state-of-the-art insulation and energy production technology. As of October 2014, the different models of P.A.T.H. houses will be available to buyers and future homeowners at and through Charlotte Larco in the UK.


P.A.T.H. houses are built following state-of-the-art industrial prefabrication methods, which guarantee maximum reliability. Their unique building process also makes it possible for the owners to save time and money. Thus, once the house has been ordered, it takes us less than 6 months time to deliver the P.A.T.H turnkey house to the new owners. Assembling and finishing works take approximately three months. Moreover, with a range of prices from 2,500 to 4,500 euros per square meter according to the owners’ specific choices, P.A.T.H. houses reconcile owners’ financial constraints with their desire to live within a technological and ecological environment.


The houses, all distinguished by Philippe Starck’s signature timeless design, are available in several floor plans designed by the creator himself, in order to fit every owner’s desires and expectations. Thus, the future owners can choose between 34 different floor plans, which range in sizes 140 m2 to 350 m2, as well as in number of rooms (from one to eight). 

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